New Jewelry Sets, Photography, and Marketing

Tansi! I need to back pedal a bit....I was super excited to finally launch my website the other day but I soon realized that I don’t have any ’professional’ pictures of my inventory yet! I have taken pictures of my craft table layout with my frames but I haven’t yet taken any close up pictures that you might see on Etsy or other online jewelry stores. I will greatly appreciate your patience while I work on taking pictures of my available inventory of a variety of treasures! I’m excited to be doing this as my main summer project, along with creating a craft/office space in my house! Aside from organizing things at home and working from home as a Grade 2 Teacher, I’ve been finishing up jewelry sets and projects that were half finished. I’ve also been working on some beadwork which has been great. I’m glad that I have been finding some time to do the things I love but also finding balance in doing work-work stuff and taking care of the house. its a great feeling to find that balance!

Making a website was a whole new experience and I love how Wix makes it so easy. I’m excited for the new pissibilites that this brings to my small jewelry hobby! I’m still exploring how to exactly share and market my new website so please forgive me if I’m oversharing the website or if there are a few kinks when ordering from the website. The summer officially started for me as the weirdest school year ended. COVID19 has really thrown everyone in a loop but it made me focus on organizing my professional work as well as my home organization. I hope everyone stays safe while the restrictions are easing up. I will be working on purging, organizing, taking pictures of inventory!

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